“Our wish is that when you taste our food it will surprise you with its flavour, you will stop for a brief second and take notice of what you are eating in that moment.”


Canberra Magic Kitchen is about helping one another. We want to provide an ethical, conscious, low-waste and nourishing alternative to many “fast” and processed foods that are currently filling the market. By paying attention to our supply chain and our own processing and providing low waste delivery options we are helping the busy person to be able to eat by their values.


Wholesome food is the foundation of Canberra Magic Kitchen. To us it is important that our ingredients are organic, locally grown and low waste, we also love to support our community and we buy local as much as we can.

We source our food from Kurrawong Organic Farm, Canberra Honesty Box, The Source Bulk Foods, Honest to Goodness,  Naked Foods and our local supermarkets of Hackett IGA and Ainslie IGA.

A minimum of 90% of our food is organic. We work hard to source the highest quality ingredients at all times.


As our weekly meals are frozen we do not waste any food from oversupply. Antonia uses the whole vegetable in her cooking (utilising carrot and beetroot tops in many meals!) which add great depth of flavour. We also package all of our delivered meals in Biopak containers, which are compostable. Lids are made from recycled plastic and are reusable.

We also encourage our customers to supply their own containers for future orders if they like.